Along with other significant historic properties, W.H.C. Folsom House is part of Angel Hill National Register Historic District of Taylors Falls. It was built in 1855. This historic site is now managed by the Taylors Falls Historical Society.

As many other structures located in Taylors Falls, its frame is of solid white pine, covered with clapboard and has exterior wood blinds. The style of the house is Greek Revival with Federal style details, and its most characteristic features are the delicate front porches. The original home had five bedrooms, two parlors, an office, dining room, butler’s pantry, kitchen, rough basement, two verandas and two staircases. From the original outdoor annexes, only the well house and the barn (garage) remain. While the original shed was demolished, the historic gazebo has been reconstructed in the same design and fashion as the original. The home is furnished with its original furniture and family belongings, including: a rectangular grand piano, Folsom’s library, clothing, and other items.

The focal point of examination and documentation performed by RARA, was the original painted and stencilled wood floors, on the first and second floors. With the advent of recent work inside the house, the original stencilled decoration was discovered on the second floor landing of the staircase (wood floor), under multiple layers of paint. The polychrome floral and geometric stencilled decoration was found in other locations on the first and second floors. The actual condition of the building—interior and exterior—was also documented (overall, detail, and close-up photographs), as well as recommendations for restoration were provided to the Owner: Minnesota Historical Society.