Mural & Decorative Paintings

Mural & Decorative Paintings
Catholic Workman Fraternal Benefit Society
New Prague, Minnesota

The mural (6’ X 9’) was executed in acrylic and gold leaf on canvas and placed, along with the two text panels, in the Lobby of the new building. The mural symbolizes the beliefs, values and history of the Catholic Workman Association. The St. Wenceslas church from New Prague — where the Society’s members they found needed guidance, services and protection – is placed in the forefront of the mural. The stained glass figure holding the book on the right of the mural portrays Jesus providing wisdom and divine guidance to the founders as well as to all past and present members of the Society. To the left of the church is a stain glass image of St. Wenceslaus. He represents the protection the Catholic Workman gives its member families. The images of the young girl holding the reins to a team of horses, the man and the tractor, the shafts of wheat and the cornfield illustrate where the financial roots of the fraternal society lie, in agriculture. The mother and son represent the protection that Catholic Workman offers to women and children through insurance, annuities and medical coverage. The grandmother reading to the child symbolizes the act of caring as fraternalism. Catholic Workman members care for others and devote time to their families, parishes, and communities.
The two angels are the messengers of God.
The image of the new building is placed in the upper part of the mural. The tree next to the new building represents both the Society’s past (its roots) and future (its branches). The spirit of God the Father presides over the past and future of Catholic Workman in the form of a dove at the top of the mural and the golden sky represents faith and spirituality.